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Isn’t it a fucking weird feeling when that thing you were totally dreading turns out to be a complete non-event?   It’s been gnawing at you for days, all sharp teeth and malice, until the time finally comes to take the bait and go for the bite back – only to find yourself chomping down on thin air…

Dwayne did actually turn up to school today for a parent/teacher interview.   He had parted his hair and worn a tie.   He introduced himself politely as my fictional guardian Eddie as planned, and shook hands with Mrs Keech the principal, and moved his chair a little out of the sunlight when he sat down.   He crossed his ankles and his arms and said all his lines.   Dude was a fucking drama school dream.

It seems Eddie was very concerned about my progress at school, and happy to explain to Mrs Keech what the current situation was.   You see, he’d been struggling with an drinking problem when we moved here, and decided to set me up in an apartment on my own and move in with a friend so I didn’t have to deal with his issues and could start afresh at the new school.   He knows things were a bit rough for me when I began, but he still thinks it was the right thing to do.   He himself broke up with the girlfriend who was a bad influence, moved into a new place downtown, got a job in IT, and has been spending some regular time with me now.   He feels we’ve both been through some really dark times, but that he’s proving to be a much better guardian and more stable influence in recent months, and he hopes Mrs Keech will be seeing the effects of that in my work and attitude.   Because we all know I’m really a good kid at heart.

Afterwards, he shook hands again with a sated Mrs Keech, put a friendly hand on my shoulder, and I walked him to the entrance hall before going back to math class.

“Have a good afternoon, Jonathon – do me proud”, Eddie said for the benefit of three passing students, a security guard, and a random art teacher going out for a surreptitious smoke on her break.

Then Dwayne smiled a very odd fucking smile, and walked hastily out into the daylight.

Like I say.   Went fine.






  1. You’re going to owe this guy HUGE! and from the odd smile, he knows it =D

  2. Nice! I like this Dwayne guy. Waaaay cool!

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