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Take one Icelandic volcano with an unpronounceable name.

Engage in whatever kind of randomly ‘inappropriate’ and usually sexual activity various religious zealots are now claiming (with such a stunning leap of illogic) has angered their lava gods.

Pump the upper atmosphere with the ensuing monstrous plumes of volcanic ash.

Bring international air traffic to a standstill.


Okay – at this point, I’m gonna make a fucking contentious and outrageous claim.  

This kind of shit is actually good for you all.   Natural disaster, but we’re not talking death and destruction – just a useful reminder to keep your hubris in check, people.   The elemental forces rattling the cage a little, to help you remember that for all your talents and technology and power and animal superiority, the human race ain’t fucking infallible.   So sit the fuck down, wait for your plane, and shut the fuck up while nature does its thing – and be grateful you only got the smoke without the hellfire.



In a similar vein, therefore:


For all my particular skills, strengths and unstoppable unlifestyle…?


It looks like I’ve lost my fucking wallet this week.   Shit.




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  1. Why are you the only one that makes perfect sense?

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