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Hello.   Jonathon’s wallet here.   You’ll never guess where I am at the moment.   Well – he can’t anyway.   He’s checked under all the furniture, turned every pocket and bag inside out, and emptied every cupboard and drawer.   He considered checking in the Cat, but he and the Cat discussed this, and the Cat illustrated the error of this thinking, so Jonathon reconsidered. (He has the claw marks to prove it.)

Yes, he’s done the whole retracing the steps thing, and reckons the last time he used it this week was to buy that new bus pass on Wednesday, after visiting Dwayne the day before, and before the Thursday interview at school.   He did go to the movies with Harm since, but she bought him a ticket (Alice in Wonderland was wunder-whelming), and he did buy doritoes for Kane for gaming munchies on Friday night (God of War 3 began better than it ended), but that was with the cash in his back pocket.

So either I’m in the bus terminal lost property, in the school locker, or kicking around somewhere…

Or, of course – I’m now in someone else’s pocket…


Jonathon had better ring the helpline and cancel all his bank cards asap, eh?…




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