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Would I lie to you?


Okay – so there was that one time when I made up some lovely stuff about my family origins.  

And yes, there was also that occasion when I, er, stretched the truth in deliberately not telling you I’d been harboring a certain fugitive.  

And sure, there are those other little fabrications and fictions and fibs I’ve created for you along the way and haven’t owned up to yet…


Okay – fine.   I lie a fucking lot.

But this time, I fucking swear…


When I got to Dwayne‘s apartment block about twenty minutes ago?


The place was already burning.





  1. this actually made me laugh out loud! ha! (sorry)

    can’t wait to hear what happens next….I’m on tenter hooks (not literally, you’d LOVE that!)

  2. Suuuuuuure it was *nods head, believes you totally* =D

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