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It was Kane on the phone.

“Where the hell are you, man?   Been texting you for an hour.   There’s this awesome B-grade late-night horror film on cable we could be hanging shit on…”

“Dude – I just had this thing to do.   Crap – gotta another call.   Gimme a minute…”

Normally I wouldn’t answer an unknown caller, but come on – what with the weird-ass text the other week and email the other day? – I’ll admit it.   My curiosity was piqued.




“Hey.   Who’s this?”

“Admiring my handiwork, I see?”


“I did a nice job of it, didn’t I?”

I looked around.   Where were they watching from?

“So you burnt this place down?”



“Seemed like the time to make a move.   It’s not like it was a safe place to live.   Heard there was a vampire in there and everything.   Thought I should – smoke them out.”

“So that’s your fucking plan nowadays?   Pissing us off?”

“Well – seemed appropriate.   Guess I felt I… owed you.”


When I hung up, Kane was still on the other line.   My automatic pilot said, “Sorry man, gotta go.”   And then Jonathon8 looked about again, and slipped away carefully into the shadows.   And if I looked over my shoulder once or twice then, it was just caution.


Been a while since I had a bounty hunter on my tail, see.   I always figured it would be someone I didn’t know.


Never figured it would be Brix.





  1. For real?! You should have killed that lil son of a bitch when you had your chance!

  2. SO glad he’s finally serving his purpose XD

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