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Good evening.   I’m Jonathon8 and this is the late news…

After consulting a magic 8-ball yesterday, a high school student is starting a new job after school tomorrow.   Best friend Harmony organized with brother-in-law Nikolas to get the young man a job in a side-business clothing store.   The store, located in the local mall, claims to sell men’s fashion, but this reporter suspects the word ‘fashion’ is highly subjective in this case.   Nikolas’ wife and serial pain-in-the-ass Caroline has been rumored to be unimpressed with the arrangement – but with the financial climate as it is, the new employee is being surprisingly positive about the opportunity.

In other news, this station has just received a postcard from missing ‘mentor’ Py.   Py, last heard of pursuing a lead on an unsolved murder, sent an cheery picture of a sun-drenched beach with the amusing caption: ‘Wish you were here.’   He recommends caution with online services, as his sources tell him a new and unknown assailant has been tracking forum users of his – ‘ethnicity’.   As reported earlier this week, a local investigator has already been given a hot lead on the suspected killer’s identity – but caution is still certainly advised.

If we cross over to Daisy for the weather, we can see the long range forecast for this week is still stormy with a chance of severe injury for those in the immediate vicinity.   The outlook remains bleak – in fact, we seem to have lost communications there.

That’s all from us here at the late news.   We’ll be bringing you further bulletins as events develop.   Good night.




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