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[Roll up your cuff-linked dress shirt sleeves, boys and girls, kick off the stilettoes and hitch up the hoop skirts.   Here’s my top ten reasons why I won’t be going to prom this Saturday night…]

1. It’s a trite, out-dated, consumerist, materialist, self-obsessed, self-congratulatory, out-moded social tradition and lame-ass popularity contest that – like getting married, meeting film stars, and first seeing the Eiffel Tower – always fails to live up to expectations.   The idealized, uber-romanticized hype is just too fucking extreme.

2. The school won’t let Harmony officially take her girlfriend as her date.

3. Kane missed his prom last weekend to hang out with us.   Maybe still sort of because of Carly, but he’s come to the conclusion she left him in pursuit of Hollywood fame after the number of Elvis-style sightings of her reported to him.   It’s probably just because blondes all look alike, but hey – who am I to point out unpleasant truths?   Anyway, apparently he’s met this new girl online, of all places – she lives in Italy or something, they’ve been talking…   He seems to think it’s a big deal.

4. Because I have a short attention span.

5. Because I can’t afford the tux.

6. Because I don’t have a date.

7. Because it’s weird dating things that I eat.

8. Because I’ve been before.   Often.   And they’ve always sucked – and usually not in a good way.

9. Because it never ends as well as in Carrie


[And the ultimate reason not to fucking bother going to prom?…]


10. We’re still gonna crash the after-party anyway…





  1. do u think if i would like to go to party?

  2. thanks for answer : )) .That,s what i wanted to know.

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