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I actually saw him there, you know.   Last night at the prom after party.


Kane says, over the thumping music: “Who’s that?”

Harm’s the first to look over.

“Shit, Jonathon – look!   It’s Brix.   He’s this adrenaline-fuelled, power-junky jock-boy who used to go this school and give us shit because I hooked-up with his ex, and because Jonathon…   Fuck, I don’t even know.   Dude just couldn’t stand the sight of you, could he?   Anyway, he’s all set for sports scholarships, and math prizes, and banging the prom queen, when he getting all fast and furious after school one day, plays horseshoes with his car around a tree (nearly killed the poor guys with him), and ends up in a wheelchair.   Recooperates, drops out of school – and vanishes off the map…”

Of course, I might add:

“He also tried to shoot me dead for finding out about his fucked-up family life, blames me for the aforementioned arboreal accident, and has decided to show his appreciation by going all Boba Fett meets the mafia and hunting down any of my – ‘relatives’.   Racist fuck.   Of course – I have tried to kill him a couple of times, which may explain the theatrical vendetta.   But then again – I haven’t… yet, so that should count for something, right?”

I don’t.

Harm turns her back on him, and tugs thoughtfully on her silver space invader earrings.   “I cannot believe he’s here tonight – guess motor vehicles aren’t the only thing he’s into crashing…”

Kane shrugs, finishes his beer, and turns up a new conversation.   I steal one last look at Brix who moves away into the crowd, and don’t guess at that point I’m not the only one who’s just been stealing things.

Turns out that wasn’t his fucking Iphone he’d been sitting there using right then…





  1. But I don’t understand, did you turn Brix? Is he a vampire now?

    • Why the fuck would I do that? Eternity with the bastard – no thanks…

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