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Have you ever considered the enormity of what we do?

I mean – really?



Clean, sharp, practised teeth.

Teeth tearing skin.


Teeth tearing warm, smooth, living skin.

Human skin.

Breaking veins, ripping tendons, insides – out.


The moment of incision – raw messy, sweet – is its own immortality.   Pressure of enamel on flesh, inexorable jaw closing on fragility.   Skin dimpling, deepening, giving – finally, finally… failing.  

 You feel surprise, confusion, light-headedness, panic, nausea, fury, and base, bloody terror.

I feel thrill, hunger, simplicity, wonder.   Pleasure in the skill – and satiation in the kill.

That release: warm cloth unzipped, slick red silk spilling beautifully, joyously.   Scratch the surface, and sudden, steely horror escapes, the hidden crimson life-force revealed, blood curdling as it hits air and realization and you taste fear and I taste…

It’s a mere catch of breath, time as bite-sized, a second both held immemorial and yet so fast, you had no time to scream.

So I had seconds.


If only this had been Brix.





  1. We don’t know if we’re supposed to be repulsed or turned on by this one. So we’re going for both.

  2. You seem to have a flair for making the act of killing sound sort of beautiful. Does that make you weird, or me?! =)

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