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Tonight I went around to Brix’ house and ripped his throat out.   The place was smaller than I remembered it, but his drug-fucked mom was there and a little sister I didn’t even know he had, and my stolen Iphone.   So I also killed the former and took back the latter, and left still wiping blood from my cheeks and chin.   For a minute I reminded me of someone else, but then I figured it was me.

So I went to see Daisy, but found my fun had not come soon enough to prevent Brix from having his.   She’d been given an amateurish Rasputin-style finale until her inexperienced bounty hunter had been quite sure of his success, and I reflected that it was kinda her own fault for not believing I had killed – I mean, hadn’t killed Dwayne that time.

And then it was time for my chem exam that I hadn’t studied for, and Harm’s sitting there trying to make discreet motions to wipe my face, and my Iphone rang and it was Dwayne telling me I was fracking fired, and I wasn’t really surprised about any of that until the Cat begins singing “Je Ne Regrette Rien” and Harm has taken up a piano accordian, and first I worry I’m going to be marked on this, and then suspect it is all my own fault for eating drugged-up mothers of nemeses after midnight, and then of course der Pfennig ist gefallen, and I sit up in bed, and there are not enough fucking curses in my vocabulary to express my disgust at having fallen for such a lame-ass piece of shit cliche as this.





  1. Oh. Jesus. You battered and bruised my poor little brain with that one. Even when the Cat was singing “Je Ne Regrette Rien” I was still thinking “Fuck, you killed Brix! Daisy is dead!” Yes, I am the Queen of Stupidville. Damn you and your rollercoaster ride from hell. I love it.

  2. Thank you for not killing Brix in such an anticlimactic and lame fashion, though.

    I’m still not sure I’ll forgive you for using that hackneyed device.

  3. Ah don’t you hate those dreams, they are SO real!

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