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[The person you are trying to call is not available.   Please leave a message after the beep.]


Hey, Brix.   Jonathon here.   So – did you enjoy that last blog post?   Wrote it just for you.   Wanted to share the bloody good news, you see.

Sure it’s been a fucking free-for-all with the Jonathon impersonations lately, but if you hadn’t rung Daisy pretending to be me…?

Yeah, I know you were hoping to show-off your sneaky new hunting prowess and lure her out into a dramatic death scene, yadda yadda… but unfortunately for you, she’d finally relented, and let me in to visit.   So you obligingly proved the “Brix is behind it all” defence when “I” rang Daisy while simultaneously sitting at her kitchen table.   Nice.   She’s gone for a little holiday now, and we’re all good again.   So – thanks for that, man.   Fucking brilliant.

Also wanted to point out to my favorite mama’s boy how vulnerable his mommy is just now.   Mmm.   All alone in that big house, with just the drugs and booze to keep her company.   Missing her little man who’s off playing at vampire-stalking with the big boys.   Aww.   Maybe one of us should go visit soon, eh?

Anyway.   Better head off.   Or is that what you’re hoping to do for me?  

This is going to be fun.   I’m coming for my fucking stolen Iphone soon, Brixy-wixy.   Keep it warm for me.

[End of messages]




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  1. You did not just call him brixy-wixy.

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