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In a few dozen unlifetimes it’s gotta be said – I’ve done some pretty bloody stupid, reckless, death-inviting things.

365 days ago – to the day – I did the most fucking stupid, reckless, and bloody death-inviting thing of all.

I started this blog.

It has pissed off one of my oldest acquaintances, killed my best friend’s girlfriend, brought down the wrath of several troublesome vigilantes and one particularly inventive nemesis upon me, sent me flat broke, and has got me far more public attention than any highly-successful international immortal serial killer (who wants to remain both successful and immortal) should want.

And this evening a “Happy Anniversary” card and a little box arrived.   In the box was a bloodied necklace torn from a bloodied and torn throat.   The pendant was a C and the card was signed with an A.

She knows.

So you’re not the only one reading this.

You never have been.

Which means it’s probably time I fucking stop, isn’t it?





  1. …But you’re not bored, right?

  2. Well, I thank Beelzebub for your stupidity and recklessness then. Happy 1st Anniversary, Your Arseholyness. Thank you for sharing your fucked-up unlife with all of us. Don’t stop…‘live’ dangerously.

  3. Now ,when i actually started to enjoy the cosy stories for a sleep(no ofend )? But u will do,what u want.g.nite.:)

  4. Not that it’s safe to tell you what to do…but you can’t stop now!!!

    Happy Anniversary J8 =)

  5. Happy Anniversary…

  6. Congratulations indeed. If we’d been paying attention, we would have used that in the interview, but you know how well we pay attention.

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