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Me.   Out.   Fucked-up – but healing.


Him?   Gone to ground to prevent me putting him under it.


I’m back, boys and girls.   And I read his mistake.   Brix’s attempt to raise the stakes, so to speak?…


That’s bloody changed everything.







  1. Great, now I can go back to being paranoid. Welcome Back, I guess.

  2. As Dwayne may have said, “Thank the fracking gods!”

  3. Welcome back?
    I won’t say I was worried because I know my chances of survival are significantly higher the less vampires there are in the world, but I was at least investing in learning your outcome.

  4. Yay! You’re back! No more Captain Capslock!

    Crossing my fingers that you’ll post some details about how, exactly, all that came to pass — and how you got out. Why didn’t you kill Brix this time?

  5. Too bad you didn’t get to eat him, yet. He’s a prick.

  6. Good u are back. Good u did,n kill Brix.what u would do without him anyway.They say ,everybody comes to our ,,life,, for some reason.

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