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So I changed all my passwords.   For the third fucking time.   Yep – count ’em.   Thought about deleting the recent palimpsest blog-building of Brix, and then thought – fuck it.   Let the proof stand.

Told Harm and Kane I was out of town for a week.   Never been back to my place – landlord must be bloody livid.   Haven’t seen fur nor fang of the Cat.   Missed the English final, but I couldn’t help that.   “Sorry – can’t sit my exam because I’ve been vamp-napped by a psychotic ex-student of yours with a permanent and melodramatic limp he blames me for, and a sadistic delight in exploring ways to cause my demise.”

Know what I think?

I reckon Brix would have fucking crumbled.   Blog was bravado.   Coward did a runner, for fuck’s sake.   Light the match or fire the gun, and the machine does the shit for you, but when things might really get bloody hands on…

Hear that, you lame ass reverse-Frankenstein, you poor fucking excuse for a Mengele?   Total failure, dude.   You achieved shit.   No scores settled, no skills learnt, no scars left.


Except for the missing finger tip.


For that, you’ll pay.





One Comment

  1. oh I so want to kiss that better for you, but you know…..too risky 😉

    looking forward to payback

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