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Dear Brix.


No.   Haven’t forgotten you.

Would have tied a string around my little finger to remind me – but you’ve removed the need for that…

So here’s my thinking, right?


You’re a fuckwit.   So how did your little Kill Vampire Bill meets Van Helsing’s Hostel homage happen?   How the hell did you manage to plan it and (almost) execute it?   I know Mommy dearest runs through cash as fast as she pops pills, but how did you get the money?   The place?   The equipment?  

And you didn’t have all your information from the blog – some sure, but not all.   So that was a fucking lie.   Why?  

And why did the gun misfire, and why didn’t you come back?   And who did you speak to on the phone, and who is “we“?


That’s okay.

You needn’t answer the last.   And therefore you needn’t answer the rest.   I worked it all out my-fucking-self.  

Halloween night, wasn’t it…?


So there’s really only one question.   Where are you now?  

No – don’t tell me.  

Just know:

I’m coming for you.




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  1. oh goody!

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