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Caught up with Harmony on the weekend.   She knows shit has been happening with me, but I don’t say – so she doesn’t ask.   Her sister, on the other hand, hit the fucking roof when she showed off the new tatt, which was suitably dramatically satisfying, and it apparently only caused a minor sensation when school went back and I didn’t.

We established all this at a cafe (where she downed espressos and I stirred a coke), then she leaned across the table and grabbed my wrist.   Her eyes were bright with the thought.

“I got something fucking cool to show you, sunshine.   Come on.”


The shades weren’t shady enough as she towed me across a park, camera bag beating a tattoo in the small of her back where her own was inscribed.   The sun was raw and steely, and bit down fiercely.

“How fucking far, Harm?”

“Nearly there.   Shut the fuck up with the whinging shit.”


The destination was underwhelming.


“Trees.   Awesome.”

“Look up, fuckwit.”

I looked up.


Bare branches laden, swollen, with ugly leather leaves and ridiculous brown furry fruit.   Eerie aural static as the chittering pods unpeeled, and resented the sun and each other, and plaited themselves back up.   Fucking thousands of the things.

Harmony let loose with the camera, and I stepped back from the guano into the shade of a convenient tree, folded my own arms around myself and looked.   An impossible colony of incongruous creatures, jam-packed into a little world and jostling each other for space and power.   Managing by day, but uneasy and edgy out of their natural realm; aware they look wrong here and longing for night and normality and nourishment.   As I looked, one random speciman unhooked and opened its natural leather coffin, and squeaked in fury with its furry Nosferatu face, and attacked its compadres without warning or reason, before zipping itself back up again and sulking silently.   And fuck did that look familiar.

So okay – yes.   As far as the classic literature goes…

I may finally see the correlation.




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  1. Yes ,it looks familiar. nite. : )

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