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Here’s something else I didn’t mention in recent weeks – not so long as Brix was still looking to torch lairs and subtract digits…

Stayed with Kane for a few days between accommodations.   Yep, back to the old killing grounds, just down the road from where I used to live, mattress on his floor in the two-bedroom flat his mom hates.   She’s never been real enamoured with me either, but she tolerates.

Thought Kane was asleep when he asked suddenly, “Hey, Jonathon?”


I heard him put his hands behind his head in the dark.

“Ever gonna tell me what the fuck’s been happening with you since you went awol that time?”

“Want to hear a lie?”


“Then no.”

He rolled over – I know he was looking across at me through the dark.

“Trouble with the police?”

“Uh uh.   Not at the moment.”

“You taking some shit?   Or selling it?”

“Would I be staying with you if I was making shitloads of cash dealing?   Geez.   Change the fucking subject, dude.   How’s the girl thing going?   Cal or whatever her name is.”

“Mel.   She’s – shit, she’s awesome.   We talk online every fucking day.   I gotta get over to visit her one day…”

“Greek or Italian, isn’t she?   How’s the English?”

“Fucking better than mine.   Hey Jonathon?”

“Now that’s a fucking deja vu moment.   Why yes, Kane?”

“Fuck you.   Reckon Carly did just piss off out of my life.   I mean – would’ve heard something if bad stuff had happened to her, right?”

There it was again.   Had a funny flashback to my own words about it being easier to make up stories than believe in things like me.


Kane slept.

I didn’t.




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