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So I get this message earlier from Harmony – all bloody mysterious, got something to tell you, ellipses, ellipses…

Go to meet her, and right away she fucking punches me in the arm.   Ow.

That means she’s happy.

“All right.   I’ll bite,” say I (with only a modicrum of irony), “What’s the good fucking news?”

“It’s my dad.”

That’s not a good start.   Harm’s dad is a washed-up, washed-out wastrel, who has a bad habit of scooping out her college fund, the mortgage, or the week’s grocery money in order to gamble voraciously.   Dude is hungrier than I am, and weaker at resisting temptation when it’s clearly convenient – but stupid – to feed the greed.

“He was out last night, of course – got paid and got out before I got to him.   Poker at the casino is the latest craze, and my sister has been ready to kill him over it…”

Harmony’s sister.   Fucking terrifying woman.   Got all her dad’s burning obsessiveness for power, and shares her sister’s clever, stubborn streak – then has her own fearsome, soul-ripping, manipulating talents for consuming any dissenters alive.   She has a charming, vacuous husband, a transparent son, and harbours a parasitic baby – though I’m pretty sure eating those is something she only finally gave up during pregnancy.

“So Dad comes home late, shaking his head like he’s got water in his ears, beckons me into the kitchen, sits me down at the table and tells me what he’s done.”

Harm lets out a long breath.

Then I remember the punch.

“Yeah.   Here’s the messed-up evils of gamblings proved.   Jonathon – he won.   Won a shitload.   He fucking won.”





  1. And now he’s going to waste it all trying to win MORE money.

    The woes of gambling.

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    • Posted August 9, 2010 at 12:47 am
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    LOL – Congratulations, I think? I love the way you *effing* word things, funny writing style – thanks for sharing this 🙂

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