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[To passing tourists: Fuck off and start from the beginning – you’re not going to be in with the locals here…

To reward-club travellers who’ve been in it for the long haul: We’re reaching our destination.   Read on…]

Time to get things ironed out, right?   No use lugging excess baggage around with me from here on in.   Unfold, shake that shit off, and send Amelia and her mystery missives (bagged and tagged) to the cleaners…


That Text

Three’s a crowd. What begins
with a trick is sure to end in
April showers, love. One to
keep, one to let go, one to die.
Be a wise fool – I’ll be asking

Okay, I get it: it was April Fools, and three’s too many, so one will die.   Already fulfilled with Dwayne, Daisy and me?   Or was it about me, Kane – and Carly?


That Email

Happy Mother’s Day to us both.   Three’s company, but just one will do.   Sibling rivalry can be so healthy, don’t you think kiddo?

So still one to keep, and now stuff about brothers and mothers.   Amelia’s – kinda both to me.   I killed my brother, she her mother?   Is it about Py, me, and Amelia herself?   Or is Amelia planning on some new relatives? – I’m sure as fuck not looking for extended immortal family.   (What I got is fucked-up enough…)


That Card

Nothing is free.   Something is missing.  

Tied to a bent nail on Independence Day, remember?   So I’d just paid for a run in with Brix, and now have a missing ‘nail’ – guess Amelia was rubbing salt in her involvement.   Or teasing at making a fuss over a broken nail?   Or is payment still due – and my loss of a handy appendage was just a deposit?


So if three is the countdown here, Brix is now apparently the kept man and Amelia sent herself packing – which leaves…







  1. U ?I would say : good for u 🙂

  2. Ah, so many pieces, I still think that Amelia is all about her and her games, first. All the players are secondary. Using that as the starting point, brix, Py and you are the 3 players. And to her, I think you are all interchangeable. Maybe she’ll keep brix, let Py go and eventually kill you. Kill brix, keep Py, let you go. etc. Maybe, she forces you to make a choice that determines the fate of each.

    The Mother’s day email – brix becomes your ‘brother/son’ and let’s you 2 have at it and lets Py just do what he does. See above supposition.

    I just don’t see her caring about the other humans except just to mess with you and being jealous. It’s easy to fit what we know into the riddles presented. But what if her endgame hasn’t yet unfolded.

    I have no doubt she still feels she needs recompense from you for trying to kill her and a finger is not enough payment.

    • Fuck. That just added a whole lot more to think about…
      Fate-determining is an easy fucking choice, here. Bye bye Brix, Py’s a keeper until he settles his score, and then I’m scot-free… ‘Good for me’, as you say.
      Reckon Amelia will make it that easy…? Fingers crossed. I mean… aw fuck.

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