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Nice word.   Usually.  

I like to cause it a lot.   Usually.  

But just now – if there’s a sixth sense, then that’s it.  

Listen up.   It means to suffer death from accident and disaster, right?   But one who suffers it is also called a fatality, and the one who causes it? – also called a fatality.   Villain, victim and the violence itself, all fucking embroiled together.

Plus, nice touch – it also means determined by fate.   Inescapable, in that ‘shit, something’s coming for you’ kinda way.

And having got a taste of that, it therefore means doomed – by fate – to death by disaster.   Inevitable, in that ‘shit, you’re totally fucked’ kinda way.

And so it’s an end as well.   Finality, futility – finale.   Inexorable.

Six senses of the word.   Now, I’m not good with the whole feeling emotions bullshit.   But I do have some fucking sense, and I do have fucking senses, and I fucking sense the doom rolling in here.   Six-fold.   Amelia, Brix, Jonathon, Europe, death, destruction.  

Smell the fatality.

Thing is – in what sense?   Am I going to see it, suffer it or cause it?   Is it fated, fatal, or the finish?

Wanna know what the future holds for me?


I see dead people.




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