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Fucking hungry.   But if I eat now I’ll be hungry later when I’m travelling – so…

But there’s plenty to chew on in the meantime – some last crumbs to lick up before I wipe my lips and leave the bloody table.  

Sure – quit the job, pay the last rent bill before the lease runs out, pack…

Absolve myself for pissing off on Kane soon.   Again.

Resolve the Cat issue.

Solve the Amelia conundrum.

Dissolve an old relationship or two


Oh – and eat.   Did I mention eat?


Oh for fuck’s sake.   Enough with the looking over the shoulder thing, okay?   I didn’t specifically mean yo…

Well.   Come on.   The odds are probably low that…  

Look – if your time’s up, then your time is fucking…

Fine.   A dude’s gotta eat, okay?   Deal with it.

Honestly.   What a bloody carrion.





  1. Ahahaha, I see what you did thar. XD Clever.

  2. as long as your still on that side of the pond i’m not worrying.

    …on the other hand, considering that you’re keeping mum about your actual moves (re: Amelia etc.) who’s saying that you aren’t over here already? *ponders this worrying thought*

    • Fuck, I’m mysterious, aren’t I? If I were you, I’d never lay any bets as to what side of the pond I’m currently on…

  3. I love the irony in last sentence, since carrion is, inherently, bloody.

    So it’s super-bloody carrion.

    Carrion always makes me think of owls…

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