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It seemed such a little thing, didn’t it?

You don’t like to wait, and you saw an opportunity and took it.   Jump the queue – cut in smoothly, just in front of that skinny dark kid buying the new backpack.   Lamb to the slaughter, huh? – let him consider himself a sacrifice to the retail gods.   What’s he going to do about it, right?

That’s the natural instinct: pull the wool.   See what you want, and take it.   Cardinal rule if you want to stay ahead of the herd.

Did you perhaps feel a little bit sheepish when you were smoking outside that bar later that night, and saw him again?   A twinge of almost-guilt, undone by the anticipated pleasure of locking horns?   Or just the flicker of power as the stars smiled down and you flicked away the butt, and grinned affably at…

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Because then there were teeth and flesh, until he proved that you were just mutton after all.




One Comment

  1. A wolf in sheep’s clothing or Jonathon in normal clothing? Somehow I’ll rather take my chances with the wolf 🙂

    But another one bites the dust….is forever penned down in a blog….satisfies rabid readers hunger for more…and satisfies one Jonathon’s literal hunger.

    Great writing as always.

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