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What do we have here, then?

Driver’s license, credit cards, business card… Oncologist, huh?   Appropriate.

Cash – good.

Drycleaning tickets for business shirts, receipts for the new Ipad and high-class luncheons… an appointment card for your therapist.

Ah.   Took its toll, did it? – sensitive little delicacy that you are.   Were.   All that clawing your way up for a crust, eh? – shun the simple life and aim for the top of the pot, but find yourself into emotional hot water along the way.   Dangerous world for those with the tough outer shells and the delicate gooey innards: if you’re not careful, you get prised open and eaten alive…

But guess you know that.

What else?   Photos of nieces and nephews, lottery ticket, a fortune cookie’s folded guts (“This is a time of new challenges and unexpected surprises for you…”), medical emergency card (nuts, dairy, shellfish), creased love note emblazoned with hearts and puppies (new blood smear has soaked through where old tears had made the ink run),and a…

There now.

Blood donor’s card.


Thanks for that.




One Comment

  1. You kill him, rob him and compare him to a shellfish while he is allergic to that said selfish….

    Good thing you’re not allergic to him.

    We wouldn’t want you to puke his guts out.

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