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There’s no denying it.

You shied at the gate.

Only a short walk from stairs to subway, and normally you’re a fucking reckless starter who’d give your kingdom for a challenge.

But tonight: the cold white tiled station looked emptier of life and fuller of fears than usual, and something whispered that you should think twice about being taken for a ride.

But then the kid trotted casually past, leapt the gate, and went to lean on one of the pillars that could have been concealing a dark horse or two but now clearly wasn’t.  

You realize where you’d been putting your cart, and stop horsing around: use the ticket, open the gate, scratch the fears.

It probably crosses your mind as you pass him that he’s an easier-looking target that you anyway, and you shouldn’t look a gift like that in the…

Pity he’s actually a horse of a different color who, for the last few minutes, has been simply champing at the… bit.

At least you get to know what he eats like.

And he’s off.





  1. wow! I’m able to leave comments now, so glad you are far away,I could feel that guys fear

  2. I guess the white tiles aren’t so white anymore.

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