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“What you doing?”


“Dude – you’re lying on your fucking back in the middle of a mall.”

“So are you now.”

“Had to see what the view was like.   Gotta say – it’s kinda cool.    River of people parting around us – no-one knows quite where to look or step.”

“That’s what I’ve been angling for, man.   Just quit the job, by the way.   Manager was pissed.”

“What if you want something to come back to, when you get home from the holiday?”

“Plenty more in the sea.   Hey – you were born in March, right?”

“Yeah – so?”


“Fuck – my stomach’s growling.   Only had doritos for lunch.   Wanna get some food?”

“Thought I did, but honestly? – got to this moment and realized I’m fucking full.   Couldn’t eat another bite.”




One Comment

  1. What no killing?


    I’ll stick around anyway, blood and pain is sure to follow in the not so distant future….

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