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Lying with a hand behind my head and the other typing on the Iphone, looking at the darkened ceiling and thinking of – dark things.   Kane is snoring gently in the bed opposite, having gorged on the doritos I bought, and run out of energy drinks.

Know the feeling.   Look at me, for fuck’s sake – fat and lazy from a fortnight of putting some extra ahs into horoscopes and positing my own solution to the Zodiac killings.   Meh.   Simple effort to avoid consuming Harm and family when they take me to Europe, as I don’t live well in close proximity to fast food generally.   Or rather – you lot don’t live well in close proximity to me.   Of course, it’s not that these people  aren’t eminently or imminently edible (and I’m not ruling it out as an option if continental pickings prove slim).   It’s just I’d rather not attract any untoward polizia attention if my travel companions go mysteriously missing.

I expect enough attention from a more dangerous force.

So.   Quit the shitty retail job, finished up at my apartment, said goodbye to Daisy.   Lost a Cat.  

Hell yeah.   Breaking leases and leashes, cutting free of the ridiculous petty trappings that kept me here recently.   Fucking stupid shit – we don’t fucking grow, so we don’t plant ourselves and put out roots and shoots, right?  

We just eat and leave.

Kane asked me a favor before sleep obliterated him.   He’s still besotted with this Mel? (Mal?) girl he met online, and in an appallingly sentimental gesture, is sending a hand-written letter for me to deliver to her.   Yeah – that’s me.   Fucking messenger of ‘love’.   She’s in Italy.   Or France.   Shit – what the fuck did I do with that address…?

Haven’t told Kane I doubt I’ll come back.

Though whether I get to make that decision, or whether death on Amelia wings makes it for me is a whole other ever after.





  1. scary post

  2. As the curtain closes on yet another chapter of Jonathon’s eternal life, us mere mortals sit back and wait for the carnage that is sure to follow.

  3. Hi John, i write you here, because the things i want to tell is a little long… whatever. You told me that if i’m scared from you, it will be more safe for me… I’m not afraid, because i’m not sure that you are really a vampire, i’m curious, and i want to ask you so many things…but i dont know what to think about all of this! I have to be honest if i dont like the answers i will be dissapointed, because if the answers are not what i think they should be (i will start to think that all of Jonathon8 is a lie, and that would be my dissapointment), but if i know that you are really a vampire i think i will be happy (strange…) not for the people you may hurt, its about that i will know that in the world there is a “people” who lived forever. I think life is beautiful… it will be great somewhere in the incredible world of mine 🙂 is someone who can be alive forever…

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