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It was just the four of us the other night: me, Kane, Grae and Nik, kicking back with beer and Buffy reruns (the good ones – you know, the pre-angst, funny-as-Hellmouth ones).

Grae tipped the last of the bottle down his throat, and gestured at us for replenish requests. Nik acquiesed, Kane demurred (he was already looking fucking bleary), and I sloshed the contents of my own half-empty bottle in answer, then discretely tipped some more of it into the long-suffering potted plant Kane’s mom gave us for housewarming.

Grae raided the fridge, threw Nik a can with the practised ease that got him his football scholarship, and vaulted deftly over the back of the couch again. Nik fumbled the pass, kicked Kane until he picked it up for him, and finally opened the can with a hiss.

“Game?” he asked, stirring among the pizza boxes and other shit piled on the coffee table for a controller.

“Fuck no,” said Kane, rubbing his eyes and yawning, “Jonathon and I have got to fucking work in the morning.”

“Shit,” I groaned, “Don’t remind me.”

“Your own fault, dickhead. Serves you right for fucking around in Europe so long last year.”

“Bloody broke even before I left,” I grumbled, and poured away some more beer maliciously.

“Hot women in Europe,” pondered Nik meditatively.

Kane grimaced. “Never even heard back from the one I met online. Bet Jonathon scared her off.”

“Our Johnny is a scary fucker!” Grae laughed and frisbeed his cap at me lazily.

“But Harmony met one and never even came home,” Kane continued ruefully, “Pissed her family off no end when she told them she wasn’t coming back from holidays, eh, Jonathon?”

“Wouldn’t know, man. She’s not talking to me.”

“Why the fuck do all the hottest girls fall for other hot girls?” lamented Nik, “Or is it just to feed my fantasies?”

“Keep dreaming, Romeo!” Grae stretched and got up. “Going to bed, losers. See you fuckwits in the morning.”

“Not me!” Nik grinned, “Afternoon classes, bitches!”

“Slacker,” I retorted, “Get a fucking job. Plus you owe Kane rent.”

“Dad’s giving me cash Thursday. I’m on it, dude.”

Grae slammed the door to his room with reckless cheerfulness while Kane staggered towards the bathroom. Nik downed the rest of his can, belched, and reached for the PS3 controller again.

And I went ostensibly to bed. Share house means keeping up appearances, you know.




One Comment

  1. How… mundane.
    I have a housemate a lot like you, actually.

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