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It’s the short cut. The one behind the corner shop that dips down through a strange stretch of scrubby urban wasteland and creeps out under the one working streetlight on that back road. Even at night, the path is clear enough from here – a thin, pale dragline with the welcome beacon of light diffusing the farther end.

Between here and there though is the blur of indistinct twilit shapes on either side. They’re probably just tree skeletons clutching at each other overhead, or dead kitchen appliances and dismembered shopping trolleys, or bare-branched bushes harbouring a feral cat or mouldering midden or the broken remnants of a drunken binge.

It’s tempting to stop and look back about halfway down. The stolid reassurance of the shop’s back wall and the battered garbage bins and the quiet empty path behind.

However, while looking back, what lies in front is no longer in sight. 

A quick glance forward is enough to guarantee there is nothing ahead but the stillness and the shadows and the cold street light ahead.

Of course, one should never discount the shadows though. You see – you’re not the only one who likes to make short cuts.

We do too.

And this won’t take long…






“What you doing?”


“Dude – you’re lying on your fucking back in the middle of a mall.”

“So are you now.”

“Had to see what the view was like.   Gotta say – it’s kinda cool.    River of people parting around us – no-one knows quite where to look or step.”

“That’s what I’ve been angling for, man.   Just quit the job, by the way.   Manager was pissed.”

“What if you want something to come back to, when you get home from the holiday?”

“Plenty more in the sea.   Hey – you were born in March, right?”

“Yeah – so?”


“Fuck – my stomach’s growling.   Only had doritos for lunch.   Wanna get some food?”

“Thought I did, but honestly? – got to this moment and realized I’m fucking full.   Couldn’t eat another bite.”




Watch him.

Is busy.   Is bustling.

Better vantage point?


Up.   Up.   Up.   Watch.

Suitcase.   Bags of shopping – new clothes.  

What that?

Toiletries.   Items for show, then – doesn’t need em.   And that?


Passport?   Overseas.   No.

No.   No.   No.



Down, down.


Too slow.   Passport in backpack.   For safekeeping.

But look.



Plane ticket.

Mine now.

Grab – run.

Fuck.   Caught.

Hate you.

Still – next time.

Lashing tail calms.   Reassume predatory position.


Watch him.