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Dear Py,

All rhodes eventually lead back to beginnings, so here I am where  we were introduced half a millenia ago: me as the latest toy, you as the oldest (surviving) acquintance.   Weird, huh?   Guess ancient ruins aren’t the only shit that crumble over time…   The weather is not nice – all Mediterranean sunshine, and sparkling water, and a downpour of tourists.   I’d say ‘Wish you were here’, but for all I know, you are; presumably you’ve given up on Iceland and moved to warmer climes in search of our original mutual acquiantance?   If you want to know the forecast, I’d say there’s a distinct chance of Amelia in the air, so get the fuck down here.







  1. Nice pun.

  2. It would be amusing if the island of Rhodes became your final resting place…The dark boy in the hoodie meeting death under the shining spirit of Helios.

    • The fall of another colossus and ancient wonder of the world, eh?

        • Alex
        • Posted October 19, 2010 at 5:03 am
        • Permalink

        Heh. Dickhead. If/when your unlife comes to an end I’ll erect a garden gnome in your honour.

  3. And the roads of Rhodes will soon be covered in blood….Amelia’s I hope.

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